You gets the scissors and you cut out a snippet.
As promised, here is a sample of one of the presently completed stories from the horror collection I'm working on. This is from story 2, "Ladykiller".

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LadykillerCollapse )

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I'm not completely settled on this story. I'm not sure if I like it (I've said all of this before haven't I? Ah well, let us proceed regardless). I'm not entirely comfortable with the tone of it, nor am I completely sold on the ending, but I don't mind keeping it in anyway. If it happens to end up the weakest story in the book that's not really a problem. There are definitely better ones that will support it's vaguely sophomoric nature.

Yes. I AM that hard on my own work.

Anynoodle, back to the grindstone. I'm 250 words short of my daily limit and I want to go to bed, so I need to finish that. Don't take any wooden nickels, kids.

Hello and goodbye, please and thank you,

Productivity, thy name is Jae!
Today (or rather, I should say, yesterday) was a highly productive day in the life of myself your humble author.

The horror collection is chugging along quite steadily. I got another 1,971 words worked in, although that was mostly editing/rewriting the stories already completed. The first story ("Many Happy Returns") is in its third draft stage now...I got some notes on how to fix it. The second ("Ladykiller") and third stories ("The Unlucky Miner") are in their second draft stages. I'm not entirely keen on the tone of the second story, but I'm going to keep it in, if for no other reason for length. It can be one of the weaker stories in the book, I'm not worried about that.

I'm currently working on the second draft rewrite of story four ("Hop"). I'm really in to Hop as a concept. It's currently my favorite story in the book as it has certain semi-autobiographical elements to it.

No...not the horrific death bits.

The fifth story ("Mother's Eyes") remains half finished as it has been for quite some time now. I know where I want it to go, but I've been in a limbo-state with it for a while now. I'm hoping that, since I haven't touched it in a while, I will be able to get it finished once I complete the second draft of "Hop" and move on to the next story in the collection, which I have yet to decide on.

I got an idea for a story that may or may not make it into the book. I'm not entirely sure what kind of story I want it to be, I mostly just have a working title: "The Unfortunate Tale of Mittens the Clown". I hate clowns. They terrify me. So of course I want to write a story about them.

In other news, an exciting development is underway. I won't say too much about it, as it's still in the early stages, but the initial news is this: I'm now a co-author/co-creator of a comic book that will DEFINITELY be scripted out for submission. I can't say when, where, or how yet, nor can I say too much about the premise as my co-author and I are still hammering out the initial bugs in the story/characters/world but this is a thing that is happening.

I've got my fingers in a lot of literary pies right now.

Still no news on the Boothworld story or my magazine submission, but they are definitely coming soon. So yes! Big things underway for your friendly neighborhood author-man.

I shall post a sample of one of the horror stories from the collection (which still needs a title...I have one, but I'm not sure I'm going to use it as of yet) tomorrow, so look for that.

Hello and goodbye, please and thank you,

So what has he been doing with his time then?
It's been three months since I last mentioned that more of my work was afoot (as it were) and I'm sure you've been biting your nails to bloody nubbins wondering when I would give you an update.

Well it's right now. Stop. Stop biting your nails. You're bleeding and I'm sure it hurts and we both know it's making picking up change virtually impossible.

First off you can, of course still pick up my first short story, "Perception" on Torquere Press here, but! there is an additional story up for grabs on Torquere Press as well.

So go support your favorite struggling author and buy "Black, One Sugar".

That should fulfill your gay romance quotas for at least a short while (and maybe top off your paranormal fiction gauge a bit in the case of the second one).

In addition to those two stories, here is an update on some upcoming projects:

-My first official foray into the world of horror fiction will soon be up for consumption. I will have a story in an anthology called Boothworld by one Christopher Bloodworth (look up his work on the Reddit "nosleep" board. I can't recommend it enough). I don't have full details on how the anthology is set up just yet (nor do I have a specific release date as of yet), but if the stories remain titled as they were when written, mine will be the story known as "Heart Strings". That should be out soon.

-I also just got word that a small semi-autobiographical piece called "Apps" has been accepted for publication in a gay literary magazine known as JONATHAN. I *literally* just got word of that day before yesterday (I think) so I have even less info for you on that than I do my horror story, unfortunately. JONATHAN publishes three times a year so I may be in the upcoming issue or the next. I will update you with details as I receive them.

-Finally, and this is just for the sake of knowing what I'm working on outside of the things that are already done deals; I've decided to focus on finishing my horror anthology (presently tentatively titled "The 12 Horrors") so that I can start shopping that around to potential publishers. It's maybe...45% finished as of my typing this, although the finished stories will require a second drafting.

The stories that will be included (that have been read by a select few already) so far are:
*Many Happy Returns
*Ladykiller (formerly titled "The Day of Love")
*The Unlucky Miner
*Mother's Eyes
*Summer Drive (tentatively)
*It's All in the Marinade
*Ring, Ring the Dinner Bell're all looking at me like "why the hell do I need to know the titles? How does that serve me"?

Well, Somewhat Snarky Disembodied Voice, you need to know because I'll be posting the odd snippet from each story here over the coming weeks, so you'll have some little teasers for the collection. So that'll be fun right?

Anyways, no one ever became a famous author by not writing, so I'm gonna go do that.

Hello and goodbye; please and thank you,

Hey, guess what?!
Your favorite author (that'd be me, since you're reading this) will soon have new works for you to purchase and shove into your eye holes.

Details coming in the near future, you lucky people you.

Shameless self promotion!
If you haven't yet read my work, how about you take a little jaunt over to Torquere Press Inc. and buy and read my first published work, "Perception" which is part of the Conversation Hearts anthology.

Perception by Jae Christopher

Hopefully you'll enjoy it if you do happen to give it a read. More to come!

Get to know this author.
So who am I, exactly? Where did Jae Christopher come from? How long has he been writing? How is he so good at it? Why do I love his work so much? What sort of things should I put in the shrine I'm building to his budding genius?

All very valid questions, but you don't really have to build me a shrine. I'm just a man, not a deity.

(Although offerings of Twinkies and Cherry Coke will go far to displaying your devotion...)

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, thirty-two years ago on the first day of 1982. Just missed being the first baby of the year because, even then, I had an uncanny ability to show up at all events fashionably late.

My first foray into writing came at the tender age of seven when, in language arts class, our teacher tasked us with writing a short story. While most of my classmates wrote the standard second grade fare ("Last weekend I went to the park. I played with my dog. Then I went home and had dinner. Then I went to bed. It was fun."), yours truly went a step further and wrote a modern day retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Yes. At seven. I was that good. He rode a motorcycle in my story. Imagine my amusement now when I realize, looking back, that nine years before I'd ever pick up my first comic book I accidentally came up with the concept of Ghost Rider.

At the age of nine my family moved to Georgia, where I continued writing. I would go on to win various accolades for it throughout my elementary and junior high career, before taking part in (and becoming the editor of) my high school's literary magazine.

High schoolers love bad poetry, FYI. I mean they really do.

After high school, my writing dropped off significantly as I began to tackle real life. I briefly wrote fanfiction for a now defunct website known as the Omniverse, as well as for myself recreationally on (although a light googling session can still find traces of my work tucked into the dark corners of the internet...please don't. It's awful). In between those times, however, I continued writing purely for myself, honing my abilities and learning what worked and what didn't. I also made a few friends who are also great authors in their own rights who helped me along.

Which brings us to the now. Life's varied twists and turns have led me to a place where I have the ability to write more often. I mostly work in the genre of LGBT romance (because you write what you know), but I also dabble in comedy, horror, and comedy-horror. In addition to the short stories I've written (and am working on), I'm in the process of writing a full length LGBT romance novel and an anthology of short horror stories. If a combination of my abilities and luck will it, you will see more of my work in the near future.

If you're wondering what my literary influences are, by the way, I can tell you I have quite a few. I read voraciously as a child and still do to this day. I'm mostly influenced by Lewis Carroll, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K. Hamilton, Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher, with a light dusting of Piers Anthony on top.

And that is the story of yours truly.

Greeting and salutations!
If you're here, it's because you've stumbled across my writing somehow. So I'd like to welcome you and thank you for reading (and hopefully enjoying) the writing I've done so far.

In this journal, I'll keep you posted on my upcoming projects (and probably do a lot of, hopefully amusing, talking about what I'm working on presently) and provide links to all of my published works as they become available.

It's been kind of an interesting ride actually getting something I've written published and I just want to again extend a heartfelt thank you to anyone who's read and supported my writing along the way.

I couldn't have gotten this far without you!


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